25th Annual Russian Orthodox Church Musicians' Conference
 Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
 Montreal, Canada  ·   October 5-9, 2016

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                                                        What does “creativity” mean
for today’s Orthodox church singer, conductor, or composer? 
Should this play any part in what we do in our church services? 
In Montreal, there will be many occasions to reflect on this
important question, which is all too often, simply overlooked. 

In Orthodox liturgy, it’s hardly about mindless repetition of the eight tones or a correct rendition of the next Cherubic Hymn. Becoming a better church musician will be examined this year against the background of countless aspects of choral technique, voice leading, conducting, church reading, and composition, all of which form the foundation for our single and overriding objective—namely, the choir’s focused and earnest prayer from the heart.  Precisely this is the creative artistry that is capable of endowing every one of our church choirs (no matter what size) with a wonderful and characteristic sound, which is moving and compelling to every listener who happens to be in church on that day. 

We are fortunate that two renowned church composers, Mother Juliania (Belarus) and Dr. Kurt Sander (US) together with Dr. Peter Jermihov (US), one of today's leading, internationally recognized choral conductors of the Orthodox Church, will be present in Montreal to share and discuss their professional experience.

Featured Faculty: 

 ° Mother Juliana  (Denisova)     St. Elizabeth Convent, Minsk, Belarus
        Свой путь в монастырь – от успешного музыканта к старшему регенту Свято-Елисаветинского монастыря...  читать далее
Her journey to monasticism - from successful musician to head choir director of the St. Elizabeth Convent...  read more

  ° Dr. Peter Jermihov
An advocate of the Russian School of Conducting, the conductor Peter Jermihov, D.Mus.A., has cultivated a versatile career by combining professional conducting engagements with teaching appointments, choral with orchestral conducting, and music-making with research...  read more

  ° Dr. Kurt Sander
       Composer Kurt Sander teaches Music Theory and Musicianship at the Summer School of Liturgical Music in Jordanville, New York. He holds a doctorate in music composition from Northwestern University...  read more


The Music of Today's Russian Orthodox Church:

Perspectives in Creative Artistry and Technique

October 5 - 9, 2016

 St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Montreal, Quebec





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