26th Annual Russian Orthodox
Church Musicians' Conference

 Los Angeles, California     October 4-8, 2017



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Travel (for information only):

The hotel is conveniently located 7 miles from  Los Angeles International Airport  ( LAX )
Please note:  Due to congestion at the airport, please plan ahead and arrange your own pickup and drop off before arriving. We recommend using Lyft or Uber to get to the hotel from the airport. The estimated Uber and Lyft price is around $10. If you know someone that will be arriving at the same time please consider sharing a ride.






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Please note:  After September 15, there is a late fee of  $35 US in addition to the prices below.

Registration Package (select only one):

   Full Registration  (Wed-Sun):

       $990 US  - Single Occupancy  (Hotel + Meals)

       $625 US  - Double Occupancy  (Hotel + Meals);  ==> $675 US after August 15

       $375 US - Commuter  (Meals only)

   Weekend Registration  (Fri-Sun):

       $563 US  - Single Occupancy  (Hotel + Meals)

       $385 US  - Double Occupancy  (Hotel + Meals)

       $200 US  - Commuter  (Meals only)

   Please list preferred roommate(s):


Music Information:

1)  What voice do you prefer to sing?   

2)  What is your vocal range (select all that apply)?
             1st Soprano     2nd Soprano     Alto
     1st Tenor     2nd Tenor     Baritone     Bass

3)  What is your level of experience in music (in general)?  

4)  What is your level of experience in singing (in general)?  

5)  What is your level of experience in Russian Orthodox church singing?  

6)  Are you a church choir director?     Yes    No          What level?  
        Where (if applicable):   

7)  How familiar are you with the Typicon/Rubrics?  

8)  I can read (check all that apply):
         some Russian     fluent Russian     
         some Church Slavonic     fluent Church Slavonic

9)  Music book:        [Explanation]


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